Why a Deaf Church such as

St. Barnabas?

Why a Deaf Church such as St. Barnabas?

Why have separate services in American Sign Language? Why not use interpreters at services to integrate deaf people?

  1. ASL is the primary means of communication for a large section of the deaf community.
  2. In a signed service, the emphasis is on the visual.
  3. The pace of the service is measured for the use of ASL.
  4. Deaf people fully participate without having to use interpreters.
  5. Members of the congregation serve in any capacity such as Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lay Readers, chairs of committees and all other leadership positions.
  6. Having a Vicar who is skilled in ASL makes possible one-on-one personal counseling and general ease of communication with the congregation.
  7. The content of the sermon is focused on and relates to the Deaf community and Deaf culture.